Sunday, November 13, 2011

30-minute Fat Blasting Holiday Workout

During this time of year, for most of us, getting our workout in is impossible. I've always believed 'Consistency is the key to success'. Well, for the holiday season that has changed to 'A little is better than nothing'. Below is great workout that takes 30-minutes to zip through.

Warm Up-5 minutes on a cardio piece equipment (ex. Treadmill, bike, elliptical)

10 minutes of interval training (that’s one-two minute's at a super high intensity like running 9mph, walking fast at a 15% grade or taking the resistance as far as you are uncomfortable on the bike or elliptical.  Then recover for one-two minute's. Repeat for 10-minutes)

15 Pushups (knees or toes)

30 Walking Lunges (holding weights over 20 pounds is recommended)

30 Scissors (in Lunge position, jump up and switch legs in mid-air and continue as fast and as deep as you can)

15-20 bent over Rows

30 Squats with weight

30 Jump Squats (no resistance is used. In a squat position jump straight up and land in a deep squat position. Repeat as fast as you can)

End with 10 minutes of Yoga or Flexibility Training to cool down and increase flexibilty to help decrease injury. :)

And there you have it…a quick 30-minute workout that burns a lot of calories.

Happy Healthy Holidays!

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