Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Juice Fasting for Amazing Health and Fast Weightloss

We are asked often about juice fasting. Here is a sample day of what a juice fast would look like.
1. Early on the first morning of the juice fast, drink herbal tea or hot water with lemon and stevia.

2. 1 hour later have your first glass of freshly made juice (it can be anything you like). Cantaloupe or pineapple are my favorite.

3. Spend the day doing something you really enjoy. I find when I do juice fasts a great time to organize my house, read a good book, or get a massage.

4. Mid-Afternoon- take a break from what ever youre doing and make another 16 oz juice. This time make it a vegetable juice like Green lemonade.

5. Go for a walk or another movement you enjoy like Yoga.

6. Rest for a least one hour

7. Take a long hot bath.

8. Enjoy another glass of your favorite freshly made juice.

9. You will want to end the fast at this time of the day. Dinner time is always the hardest. Make sure you plan ahead and schedule something to do you enjoy during this time.

10. Enjoy another cup of herbal tea (make sure it doesnt have caffeine). Go to bed early.

You can continue to do this for as many days as you feels comfortable. The longest my body has wanted to go is 14 days which allowed me to drop all my baby weight from my 3rd child (a 15 pound fat loss). If you decide to go longer then 3-days you will need to ease back into eating solid food again. I will help you with that when the time comes.

Best of Health!


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What to expect when detoxing.....

Everyone, including myself raves about how great the cleanses on PureBODY are, yet there are some side affects you need to be aware of.

There are many wonderful benefits to cleansing. Yet, there are some side effects that you should be aware of before you choose to start it.

Cravings are normal. Some of the most common cravings are generally for greasy foods such as pizza and hamburgers, and for many people sugar. Although it is common to see a shift in your cravings as you go deeper in a Cleanse. I always seem to want whole wheat toast after the 3rd day. It's important not to give in to such cravings, and keep in mind that the cravings are the worst on the first and second day. Once you get past those it does get better and easier.

Another side effect of a Cleanse is energy fluctuation. Although this cleanse detoxifies your body and gives you more energy in the long run, initially people may experience tiredness and fatigue. The reason for this is that the body will divert all its energy to healing and detoxifying the system. That means that people on a Cleanse may have less energy available for daily activities. The good news is that, in most cases, tiredness during a Cleanse only lasts for a day or two. It usually occurs several days into the process. Due to energy fluctuations, people may also experience mood swings and general irritability.
Fluctuation in blood pressure, nausea and physical aches and pains are the most serious side effects of any cleanse.
Usually those effects only occur in rare cases where a person's body is severely toxic to begin with.

The main purpose a Cleanse is to remove toxins and waste material from the body. Many of the toxins and wastes involved are acidic. Due to the acid content in them, people on a Cleanse may experience some heat and discomfort during bowel movements. This does not happen in all cases. However, when it does happen, it is actually useful because it is a clear sign that toxins are being flushed out in significant amounts.
While on a Cleanse, many people drink an herbal laxative tea. The idea of the tea is that it assists the cleansing process by stimulating the colon and moving waste material through the body and out faster. The obvious side effect of that is that people need to use the bathroom frequently and with little warning when on a Cleanse.  The tea, called Smooth Moves, is optional. Yet, I would recommend it to be taken on the first day.
That is a side effect which people should be especially aware of if they are going to be out in public for long periods of time. The herbal laxative tea can also cause some stomach cramping.

As I mentioned above going on a Cleanse will cause your body to force out built up waste, and it does this in many different ways. The obvious ways this detoxing happens is when you go to the bathroom, but you might also experience:

·         Heavy sinus draining
·         Excessive ear wax
·         Sweating
·         White coating on your tongue
That last one the "white coating on your tongue" is a good way to measure the effectiveness of the cleanse. When the white coating fades away and your tongue turns pink it's usually a sign that your body is free of internal waste.
Some people on a Cleanse also have described mild swollen glands and cold-like symptoms that last for a day or two.  This is all a sign that the Cleanse is working.
Anyone who is used to having a lot of caffeine in their system from things, such as coffee, also may experience caffeine withdrawal headaches when they go on a Cleanse. That problem is usually most prevalent during the first few days of a Cleanse.
Although most of these side effects are mild and don't occur in all people, it is wise to be aware of them before starting the process.

I know everyone like to talk about all the good things that happen when you do the Cleanse, and believe me there's A LOT of good things that happen when you do the cleanse. I just wanted to give you the other side of the story. I hope this doesn't scare anyone and keep them from trying a Cleanse because as I said there's a lot of good things to be had by doing it. Just keep in mind that it's can be difficult at times, but it's well worth it.
If you want to reduce these side effects to the bare minimum I will show you ways to reduce or eliminate the most common side effects when they arise.