About Our Program

Why you are going to love TBFC!

You will never count calories, fat grams, carb grams, or measure food again

Conventional Dieting is nothing short of sheer torture.  I’ve been there countless times.  You can't eat anything that tastes really good (not in satisfying quantities, anyways) and you're starving all the time, which means, of course, you are also grumpy all the time!  TBFC is different; you are going to eat so well that you will quickly realize that you will be able to do this (with pleasure) your entire life. 

You will see results even without exercise

While there is no doubt that our bodies need lots of motion, flexing, and fluidity for optimum performance, those of you who think you have to be a slave to an exercise regimen are in for the best news of your life: you can reach your perfect shape without having to torture yourself by doing long boring cardio sessions.  When you apply the J.A.M principals to your life your skin tone will improve because your cells are going to become healthier and tighter because of the high level of nutritional absorption and effective strength training techniques.
You will eat liberal amounts of rich, satisfying foods

After years (11 years) of eating according to the program (which followed years of mainstream dieting and the common physical ailments that go with it), I still consistently remark on how fortunate I am to have discovered this way of living and eating.  My family and I eat delicious foods in hearty unmeasured quantities—delights that are contraband and taboo in “Dietland”.   Great-tasting, fulfilling eating experiences are our birthright and so is a gorgeous healthy body.  The mistake is that we think these two desirables are mutually exclusive.  As you follow our J.A.M program in the order given, you will see why they need not be.  A gorgeous healthy body is your birthright!  Enjoy the variety of choices we give you to enjoy as you embrace the TBFC way.

What you will find on the website....

Our program is a 3-step program. 

We call it J.A.M. 

Jumpstart, Accelerate, and Maintain. 

Each phase is designed to give a different result. 

Jumpstart ($35.00 for 3-months), is designed for weight loss, body and hormone balance and is very detoxifying.  This program will break all food addictions and will teach you how to eat to live thriving on delicious foods all day long. 

You will receive:
A grocery list
A daily eating guide
Jumpstart recipes
A workout program geared to your fitness level
Access to our private page on Facebook
Also included is our newest addition, PureBODY. PureBODY by TBFC is a detoxifying program that will leave you feeling like new. Refreshed, Slim, and Vibrate!

Accelerate ($65.70 for 6-months for both Jumpstart and Accelerate) is for weight loss, body balance, and will take you to the next level in fitness.
Included are:
A grocery list
A daily eating guide
Jumpstart and Accelerate recipes
A workout program geared to your fitness level
Our Detox Programs...
Access to our private page on Facebook
AND **NEW** Workout Videos for members only! 

Maintain ($109.45 for 1-year) gives you everything, Jumpstart, Accelerate, and Maintain) 
This program written by top fitness trainers and used by top fitness models fits perfectly with training programs provided. Not only will you increase lean muscle mass, your fat will also start to melt, fueling your training program.

You will receive:
All of the recipes
Grocery lists
Smoothie and juice recipes
A meal plan and workout program to fit perfectly into your life.
Access to our private page on Facebook
**NEW** Workout Videos for members only! 

Each member will be added to a private forum. Here you will find videos teaching you how to make our recipes, workout programs, support, and constant motivation with access to Ryan and myself (Kristie) 24/7. ♥  Simply friend me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/kristie.belliston?ref=tn_tnmn and private message me asking to be added to The Belly Fit Club Private page. :)


Private Personal Training Sessions and Customized
Workouts by Kristie 
For more information, contact Kristie at

We fail because we don't strike the iron while it's hot. We don't take immediate action toward achieving what we want. We decide to wait until tomorrow, or next week, or even next month. Start today!

For less than .33 cents a day.....It comes down to a simple question: what do you want out of life, and what are you willing to do to get it?

To your LIFE! http://www.thebellyfitclub.com/index.php?w=tbfc_025.htm

Your Lifelong Personal Trainers
We be JAM'n!

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