After 3-months on the J.A.M program! 

Lost 64 pounds in 4-months following The Belly Fit club program.  
IN 3-MONTHS following our J.A.M program! 
Shannon at 145 pounds (85 POUND LOSS)
Shannon has keep her weight off for over 4 years sticking with The Belly Fit Lifestyle. :)
April @ 50 years young, went from a size 10 to a size 2 in less than 7-months on The Belly Fit Club. 

LaTrice, a busy working mother of four,  lost over 40 pounds and 30 inches in 7-months following The Belly Fit Principals. 

This AMAZING lady went from a size 22 to a SIZE 4 in 7-months following our program to the letter!!!!  Carolina is a mother of 7, yes SEVEN!!!  Way to Go Carolina!!!

Christina lost over 65 pounds and 50 inches in 7-months following The Belly Fit Club eating program.  AND she did this with very little exercise.  

Bill went from Belly Fat to Belly Fit!  Way to go BILL!!!! 

Lesli lost over 65-pounds and went from a size 16 to a size 4 following The Belly Fit Club!!! 

 This before and after says it all!!!!  Way to go Tracey! :)

In 21-days Following the Radiant Challenge!