Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Get Ready for PUREbody {Cleanse} ❤

Like everything in life, for every ounce of effort you put into anything you get multiple rewards in return.  If you prepare well for a fast then you should feel the benefits. If you are addicted to, or have a high intake of stimulants like caffeine, alcohol, sugar and nicotine it helps to ease yourself off these gradually beforehand if you can. Please remember that as well as not eating during the fast you will  be expected to stop smoking, and drinking alcohol and caffeine. For two days prior to starting try to eat as light and raw as possible. One week before you begin your fast you should try to:

o Alcohol, caffeine, cigarettes, drugs, OTC medicines, sugar, salt, artificial sweeteners and microwave foods
o Meat, fried or processed food, dairy products
o Gluten (oats, barley, rye, wheat) – bread, pasta, pies, cakes and pastries

o Intake of raw foods in your diet – salads and sprouted foods
o Pure water and hydrating fluids such as herbal teas and fresh fruit and vegetable juices
o Leafy green vegetables, short grain brown rice, and vegetable soups

Support is key in the success of sticking with the cleanse.  We have a private page offered on Facebook called PUREbody by TBFC.  This is completely private and you will receive support from us and many others who have cleansed before.

Below is a checklist of things you'll need before you start.

1. Mason Jars
This is where you will store your juice/smoothies.  They are to be kept sealed in the refrigerator for no more than 48-hours.  The sooner you drink your juice the better.  To order your very own Belly Buster (mason jar with a special lid and cute straw) email Ryan Belliston at 
2. THE TEA....
A Natural Laxative Tea is to be taken for the first 3-5 days before bedtime.  Our favorite is Smooth Moves by Traditional Medicine.

3. A Plan
If you have a juicer do the juice cleanse.  If you have a Vita-Mix or other high powered blender, do the smoothie cleanse.  If you have both, do juices during the day and make a smoothie for dinner.   

Click here for the {Juice Lovin} Program
Click here for the {Sweet Smoothie} Program

4. Join our PUREbody Forum on Facebook! 
ITS FREE!   Here you will receive a complete grocery list and have the motivation and support you need to succeed.  HOW, you might add?  Friend Kristie Belliston , leave me a message stating you would like to be added to PUREbody and I will add you to the group.

The cleanse starts on September 21st night. 

See you soon! 


Please keep in mind that we are not medical doctors. We don't even play one on tv. You should consult a doctor before making changes to your diet and exercise routine. You are all big you can also choose to research and think for yourselves. Novel concept, I know. ;-) Life is short. Enjoy it.