Tuesday, December 4, 2012

6 easy solutions to keep you on track this Holiday Season

It's never too late to start being better to you! 

We’ve highlighted six end-of-year challenges and provided solutions to keep you on track this holiday season. Early planning and preparation can help you continue to succeed into the New Year.
The holiday season is full of parties and social commitments, specialty foods, alcohol, stress, cold weather, lack of sleep, and a plethora of other distractions that can stand in the way of well-planned exercise and diet programs.
1. Loss of motivation. Focus on the results you have achieved thus far and set health and fitness goals for Christmas and the New Year.  Buy your New Year Party dress now a size smaller, hang it out for you to see each day, and see yourself in the dress on New Year’s Eve into the evening looking and feeling your best.  
2. Baby, its cold outside. Can’t make it to the gym because of bad weather? This is where having something in your home helps.  Or, a program to follow that is home gym friendly like The Belly Fit Club (www.thebellyfitclub.com). 
3. Turn away from the buffet. Seriously, don’t even look at it. Move as far away from the buffet as you can. One study on buffet eating behaviors observed that diners with higher BMIs were more likely to sit facing the buffet, use larger plates, and pile the food on before seeing all the dish options. You might want to grab a napkin, too. Diners with lower BMIs placed napkins in their laps, used smaller plates, chewed their food more per bite, perused the offerings prior to serving, and did not sit near or face the buffet. 
4. Think before you drink. Holiday beverages can contain an obscenely excessive amount of calories–with or without the alcohol. A cup of eggnog can deliver 350 calories, a creamy White Russian has 260 calories, while a medium pumpkin spice latte will set you back 380 spicy calories.  Lower calorie choices include a flute of champagne at 90 calories or wine spritzers–a diluted sparkling water and fruit mixture, even a “skinny” peppermint mocha comes in at 130 steaming calories. And as a reminder, alcohol can also interfere with proper nutrition, recuperative sleep, hydration levels, muscle recovery, stress hormone levels, and the immune system. 
5. Snug in their beds. Sleep is important for adults, eight good hours a night is typically recommended. Getting enough sleep helps control weight, keeps the immune system functioning optimally, reduces feelings of stress and stress-related illnesses, and helps put you in a better mood. 
6. Too stressed to exercise?  Rethink this excuse. Exercise has been shown to be effective in reducing stress levels with immediate and long term results. Exercise improves mood and sleep, and also reduces depression and anxiety which can often be triggered during the holidays. 
Not sure where to start?  Check out http://thebellyfitclub.blogspot.com/p/we-be-jamn.html for a complete program that’s easy to follow yet, delivers fast results. 

Happy Holidays,