Monday, June 25, 2012

PureBODY {Sweet Smoothie Cleanse}

{Sweet Smoothie Cleanse}

Day 1
The first day is easiest, start each day with the Master Cleanse Lemonade

Master Cleanse Lemonade
2 TBS Fresh Lemon Juice
2 TBS Organic Grade B Maple Syrup
A pinch of Cayenne Pepper
8-10 oz of purified wate
Basic Green Smoothie
2 kale leaves
1 banana
1-2 TBS raw organic coconut oil or raw coconut butter
1 TBS of VitaMineral Greens
1 cup water
1 cup ice
Creamsicle Smoothie snack

1/4 avocado

1 orange

1 cup nut milk

handful spinach

pinch stevia

vanilla extract


Sip on peppermint tea
Dinner “Soup”
1/2 cup cashews

4 stalks celery

4 carrots

2 large handfuls kale

handful parsley

1″ piece of ginger

small clove garlic

curry powder and sea salt, to taste

hot water to thin

(Serves 2)

Easy peasy! Day one, done and done.

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A few tips while on a smoothie cleanse: 
§  Keep fueled! Smoothie are filling, but being a more usable source of energy, you’ll burn through them quicker than solid food that takes longer to digest. Don’t be afraid you’re eating “too much”. Your body needs fuel! Its okay to eat 3-4 smoothies each day. 
§  Go easy on the exercise, but get it in! Exercise is super important for sweating out toxins.  We are all different, so it’s important to listen to your body.  
§  Water, water, water! You are taking in a LOT of fiber. Drink up that water!
§  Temptations will pass. It’s only three days, you can do it! Have some tea, go for a walk, and drink some water. Temptations will pass. 
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