Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Green IS Good! Our first book!

Available NOW to our Belly Fit Members! 

A sneak peak into our upcoming book, Green is Good.
With over 150 mouth watering beautifying foods to transform your body in as little as 4-weeks!  

~1~ Reasons to GO RAW
~2~ Get the GLOW
~3~ The Dry Brushing Technique
~4~ The TOOLS
Let’s Go RAW
~6~ Before Photo
After Photo Week One
After Photo Week Two
After Photo Week Three
After Photo Week Four
~7~ Food Combining Made Easy
                                                          ~8~ Daily Meal Plans                                                              
~9~ Grocery List
Nut Milks and Shakes
Soups and Starters
Main Dishes
Desserts and Sweets
Breakfast and Brunch
Let’s MOVE
Daily Fitness Programs
Adventures in PureBODY by TBFC

Day One would look something like this...
A different juice recipe everyday for 30-days! 

30 delicious smoothie recipes that will fill you up and give you that glow you will never find in a bottle! 

Have fun in the kitchen.  Enjoy 30 different tasty raw soups that take less then 10-minutes to prepare. 

YUM! :)

You'll never get bored!  Who knew you could make so many fabulous salads that taste amazing! 

It's easy to eat healthy when it tastes delicious, and takes seconds to prepare.  Dinner is served in no time! 

Every one should have the luxury of dessert!  On our program we offer over 30 mouth watering scrumptious ways you  can be healthy and fat free living in sweet abundance!

A few things you will learn....

The Essentials

What you need and where to get it.

How to keep it interesting.

What about eating out?

Does it have to be all or nothing?

What you can expect.

Taking it further

Wherever your interest in raw food takes you, what I can guarantee is that you'll be very glad you took the time to investigate it, because you'll be amazed at how your relationship with food and your body changes and you'll be beyond fascinated at what you discover along the way.

Good Luck and Bon Apetit!