Friday, November 22, 2013

Winner of The Radiant Challenge 2013

First, congratulations to everyone who participated in this years Radiant challenge!  Everyone did fantastic! 

Our 2013 Winner is.....





I definitely learned a lot from participating in the 21 Day Radiant Challenge.
As far as the exercise challenges: I found out that once I stepped out of my comfort zone & challenged myself I was able to accomplish more that I thought I could.  I now will continue to challenge myself everyday to do a little bit better than the day before. Its rewarding mentally.
Nutritional Challenges: Through this challenge I learned that it is necessary to slow down & pay attention to what I eat and why.  When I paid attention I found that I ate until I was satisfied not until the plate was clean.
Life Transformation Challenge: By searching my inner self I learned that nothing won't change until I change it.  I am the only one who can make me happy on the inside.  Once that is accomplished I will be able to let someone in to share my life with.
The end result for me now that this Challenge is over is to make this the way of living life not just a challenge to get through. I want to be the healthiest, strongest person that I can become.

Lori has won a free 1 year membership to The Belly Fit Club, 2 Belly Buster Jars, and a TBFC T-Shirt of her choice. 

Congratulations Lori!  LIVE RADIANT, BE RADIANT!!!!!!!!

Love you,

Kristie Belliston

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