Sunday, November 24, 2013

Jumpstart in 28 days! A program designed to help you look and feel your best at any age....

Stay Slim for the Holidays by joining our 28-day Jumpstart Challenge.

First, take a before picture of yourself today!

This picture is essential.  Not sure how?  See below.

Make sure it's a full body shot, front, back, and side.  Please, wear what you feel comfortable in These are examples only but the more you are able to show, the easier it will be to see your amazing results. 

The before pictures are the top photo's and the after pictures are shown on the bottom.

Second, measure your waist.  

The scale is not the most accurate way to measure body fat loss.  Our waist will tell us if we are losing inches/fat, which is what we want to lose right? I suggest you stay off the scale for the next 28 days and focus on your waist measurement instead.  

And last, follow this daily routine for the next 28-days.  

The morning juice can be swapped out for other Jumpstart approved juices found at :) 
You will find all of the Jumpstart approved meals marked with a "JAM" at

At the end of each day you will check in on the private TBFC page on Facebook.  If you do not have Facebook, please email me at

The first 4-5 days are tough because your body will go through sugar withdrawals.  Remember, any addictive habit is tough to break!   Hang in there because soon your cravings for processed junk food and sugar will disappear to the point that you will no longer desire them as you once did.  The FEELING this program brings is what makes it so popular.  Your energy levels with sore and remain high all day without any low blood sugar crashes.  Fat will melt off your body like butter and you will begin to feel so much lighter each day.   

I will post tips to help motivated you and will be there by your side to answer questions daily on the TBFC private page on Facebook.  Also, daily exercise challenges will be posted here so check in each day. :) 

YOU.  CAN.  DO.  THIS!!!

Day one starts tomorrow, November 25th. It's time to JUMPSTART our life by looking and feeling our best at any age. 

To your health, Ryan and Kristie Belliston

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