Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How to Beat Food Cravings

“I need chocolate – NOW!”
Do you ever feel like that? (If you’re female, it might happen a lot at a certain time of the month.) True food cravings are signs of a dietary deficiency, but we all get those occasional “cravings” when we really, really want a particular food. Whether it’s a bag of Kettle chips, a bar of Green & Blacks, a glazed doughnut or a Big Mac … it’s almost impossible to resist the temptation.
Oddly, few people have cravings for fruit and vegetables…
If your reaction to a craving is just to give in, read on! Stop telling yourself that you’re weak-willed … you aren’t, you just don’t know (yet) how you can conquer those cravings.

Don’t keep “trigger” foods at work or in the house

All of us have foods which we find it hard to indulge in sensibly. For many people, a piece of chocolate is just enough … to make them want more, and more. Others find it very difficult to have just one bag of chips, or one cookie. If you know that you tend to over-eat certain foods, ban them from your house and office. (Or at least keep them in a place that is firmly designated for “Other People’s food” rather than yours.)
The easiest way to beat a craving is not to let it arise in the first place! You’ll find that if you do crave snack foods, the hassle of having to go out and purchase them is usually enough to weaken that craving to a vague “I wouldn’t mind some chocolate right now…”

Here are some 5 healthier alternatives to the not so healthy foods we tend to crave the most.

#1 Salty Crunchy?  Replace with Guiltless Gourmet Baked Corn Chips or our Kale Chip recipe found at www.thebellyfitclub.com
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#2 Craving Chocolate?  Replace with Our Raw Date Balls

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#3 Bread?  Ezekiel Brand makes a delicious alternative

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#4 SUGAR!?  Replace with Stevia

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A single meal of a Double Whopper with cheese, a medium order of fries, and an apple pie from Burger King contains more saturated fat than the American Heart Association recommends we consume in two days.

The healthy alternative to Fast Food is to PREPARE ahead of time.  Keep Healthy Snacks in your purse or car and always have a plan.  We tend to resort to Fast Food when we are hungry and in a hurry.  Keep apples, raw nuts, Lara Bars, Snap Peas, Baby Carrots, and Raw Goat Cheese with Whole Grain Crackers with you in the office and on the go. 

 My Husband and I always have this out for the Kids when they get home for school.  If you have it out, I promise your kids will eat it. :)

Next time you are out and about with your kids.  Pack this.  And plan your rought away from Fast Food Places.  You and our Children will be so much healthier by plannin ahead.

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